Set out from Singapore to Legoland by maxi taxi with our vehicle association also gives you the other option to pick your favoured get and drop-off point in Singapore. In the event that you're passing by Maxi taxi, the get point will be Singapore Flyer however in case you are running with maxi taxicab. This gives a contrasting option to the explorers and customers to pick their favoured get point in like manner in light of the solace. Other than that, taking a vehicle from Singapore to Legoland is in like manner such an awesome measure of less costly.

Why to Choose Us?

  • Way to Door Pick Up and Drop Off To/From Legoland Malaysia
  • Level Rates – No Hidden Charges
  • Experienced and Friendly Drivers
  • Cleaner, Spacious and More Comfortable Ride
  • Non-Sharing Ride
  • Rates Include Toll Fee/Checkpoint Entry Fee

It is a significant battle to go with children, babies and an entire pack of relatives in the event that you need to jump on and off the general population transport with all your baggage to make sure you can experience checkpoint. The line for this amid the pinnacle season can take the length of 2 hours. Obviously, this is not perfect for you, particularly in the event that you need to arrive sooner than every other person so you can remain for a more drawn out timeframe in Legoland Malaysia.