Perfect Transport Service in Singapore

Big Taxi services are very successful and famous in Singapore. The main popularity gain of the big taxi online is from tourists. Most of the people use public transport for travelling, But if they will come to know that booking Big taxi services is easy and affordable they will surely choose it.

7 seater cab
big taxi 7 seater

There are many reasons to choose Big taxi services instead of public transport:

1. Useful in Transportation or Shifting from one place to another.

Yes! you heard it right. Big taxi reliable maxi cabs can easily carry big or small loads and deliver it to the destined place without any hassle.
Suppose, you have to shift to another city with lots of your furniture and things. So our 7 seaters and 13 seater maxi cab will easily carry those stuff and deliver them to your new place safely.

2. Travel with Family and friends on such festive occasion Hassle-free.

Travelling in public transport with families at those festive occasions such as Deepavali, Chinese new year, Hari Raya may ruin your enjoyment and gives you a headache.
You will not enjoy the company because of no comfort and space. So it’s better to hire any cabs (7/9/13 seaters) that suit you best and enjoy the company of your family and friends at the ride.

3. Company Team Building Events and Trips.

The best maxi cab for the trip is available in the Big Taxi Singapore. For a company, it is important to offer a trip to their employees minimum two times a year and also the cab was chosen for the trip is in good condition.
Big taxi booking services ensure you a reliable and comfortable ride for the trip.

4. Fun in Sightseeing Tours.

Big Taxi 13 seater is good for the sightseeing. It gives a nice and unlimited fun for the ride. Big Taxi covers trips to Malaysia such as Lego Land, Night Safari, Universal studio etc.

Big Taxi clearly understands the responsibility that’s why we always hire professional and well-mannered drivers.
Our drivers will always ready for your support and safety during your ride.

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How to book taxi in Singapore?

In this present world, there are many risks while travelling in any unknown cab. No surety that you will be safe, if you are not cautious of certain things that might hurt or ruin your life and you may find yourself in danger. There is some incident like molestation, rape, the murder that happens in Singapore that shocked the world and the fact is that most of the incidents occur in the cab. So without inquiring or investigating while booking a cab form any maxi cab company which has no permit to drive their taxi might increase the chances of risking your life.

In Singapore, there are many incidents happens that shocked the world. Singapore is best for the living and has the largest transportation hub in the world. There are many registered taxi companies running their service nicely. So some of them are trustworthy, one of them is our big taxi services. We are very reliable, authentic and well-founded maxi cab company in Singapore.

There are some major points that you should keep in mind while booking a cab in Singapore

  • Business profile

The first and foremost point is to inquire about that maxi cab company you are choosing to book your ride.

Is that maxi cab company you opt to choose is registered with public transport council Singapore?

It is most important part to know because in Singapore many fake taxi companies are running their service without having the permit to drive. Think again that if you have booked any cab service from fake taxi company then you are putting you in danger or not? Of course, it may be dangerous for you so check out those details from public transport council website and then book the cab. Our big taxi Singapore Company is registered with the public transport council Singapore and most of the people opt to book our services as they know we are trusted and reliable.

  • Taxi Driver information

Is taxi drivers of that maxi cab company hold valid Taxi Driver’s Vocational Licence (TDVL) issued by the Land Transport Authority?

It’s not that tough to find the answer that I described above. You can check those details like registration of that maxi cab company from public transport council website. Big taxi drivers are holding a valid driving license which is issued by land transport authority.

  • Sharing details of your ride

The best way to be safe and alert is to share your ride details with your family member so if any problem occurs they can assist you and bring you out from the danger. Big taxi understands their responsibilities so they started an SOS (save our souls) service for their customers by which they can able to send your ride details like vehicle information, the driver’s name and license number to your family members and the police station in the case of emergency.

  • GPS enabled cab

Nowadays real-time tracking is on the boom and it is really helpful in many ways like tracking your location at the ride, tracking cab which you booked. At ride, if you feel suspicious that cab driver is not following the right direction then you can press the SOS button. Your family will get to know that you are in danger and they will call the police. We at big taxi understand that at present you can’t believe on anyone. Big taxi all services are equipped with better facilities like GPS in their cab that helps customers in many ways.

  • Hidden charges

Money matters in many ways in our life. Suppose if you have booked any prime maxi taxi only looking at its cheapest price and you have been charged more you will really feel cheated. There are so many taxi companies in Singapore which are cheating their customers by taking more Price instead of showing what they offered, so beware of that. Big taxi Singapore charges reasonable and affordable fares from their customers. Big taxi offering cheap big taxi services for point to point transfers in premium cab booking online and there are no hidden charges.

Follow these basic tips as I have illustrated above and make your ride safely and comfortable. Our Singapore big taxi cabs are equipped with many features and provide a safe and pleasant ride to the customers.